Kassa - Financial Tracking Wallet Application (Live🔥🔥🔥)

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I would like to share my design about Kassa application design details with you guys.

Check it live: 

iOS 🍎 https://itunes.apple.com/tr/app/kassa/id1292334984?l=tr&mt=8

Android 🤖 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.spacerabbit.kassa

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Kassa onboarding design detail, activities event tab detail, group chat design detail

Whats is the Kassa?

Kassa is a financial tracking app that is mainly focused on managing money transfers and debt/receivable situations among friends. 

You may track every mutual expense and debt in the groups that are created for a concert, holiday, house sharing, or business trips. These groups are also a chat groups; hence while organizing your event, you may record the mutual expenses accordingly. Kassa keeps every penny spent and split them evenly so you can see who owes to who in these group activities. 

You may also track your income and expenses with Kassa to manage your complete financial status with a single app.


The problem;

Users were left alone in such spending tracking and sharing applications.

Although they invite your friends and do the sharing process that you do jointly, not being able to establish a dialog reduced the belonging of users to the application.

At the last point, these applications were only turning into applications that you use to remember the debt and/or transfer money to each other when you have a meal with a friend.


Kassa is a chat application as well as a finance application.

You can create chat groups in Kassa, invite your friends to these groups, and organize your holiday or concert.

You can also keep track of expenses and who owes how much to whom at the same time while talking to friends and organizing.

Onboarding Screens

Kassa onboarding screens, options for creating security with a passcode or Face ID, registration and login design screen details, and video tutorial page designs that tell you how to use the application

Kassa Screens

Kassa activities screen view, group activity status page, send and receive money page pages, premium banner, and new revenue pages

Kassa current balance, income and expense detail screens

 Group view, group creation steps

Kassa premium concept design 

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