Alice Chuang

Android Enrollment Icon 2/3

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Android Enrollment Icon 2/3 app icon education flat school android google material design primary process

Another one of the app icons that I made for Google Play for Education's device enrollment app. It wasn't eventually used, but it was one version out of several that I liked!

Some thoughts that went into this particular icon:

1. Information Transfer

A take on the standard transfer symbol, with the two arrows (information sent outwards) stemming instead from a singular source to mimic the app's purpose.

2. Continuation

The use of parallel lines/arrows makes it clear that the operation of the app extends to beyond just the app, and is a path to something else rather than an end in itself.

3. Yellow, Blue, and Red.

Red is a logical choice as a third color to be combined with yellow and blue. Primary colors are closely associated with early education as well.

4. Illusion of Depth

The layered effect fits with the theme of many Google icons, like Drive, or Cloud.

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