Alice Chuang

Android Enrollment Icon 1/3

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Android Enrollment Icon 1/3 process school material design android google primary education app icon flat

This was one of the app icons that I made for Google Play for Education's device enrollment app. It wasn't eventually used, but it was one version out of several that I liked!

Some thoughts that went into this particular icon:

1. Clipboard + Tablet

The tablet and app essentially replace traditional methods of inputting student information, thus digitizing a ‘clipboard’.

2. Profile Icon

The app focus is on transferring profile information of many students, which the profile icon helps universally symbolize.

3. Yellow & Blue

The clipboard lends itself to a yellow tone, and the profile icon already exists as a blue shape, making integration of the chosen colors very simple.

4. Google Classroom

The clipboard-tablet combination closely resembles the google classroom icon, which is a mix of a chalkboard and the icon for groups.

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