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Aventis Advisors (previously Aventis Capital) is an M&A advisory firm located in Warsaw, Europe — working mainly with international technology and growth companies to help them to close the right deal, at the right time, with the right people.

Highlighting the dynamic and honest approach in the M&A business — we created a grounded, centered and straightforward identity. The color purple plays a critical role when establishing the Aventis brand image. In a dynamic execution of the color purple, we also introduced repetitive fading in circle patterns at the bottom of each cover media to give even more character to the brand, inspired by the transactional nature of the M&A deals.

Led by the idea that every successful M&A deal ends with a signature, the wordmark is composed by harmonically merging two highly contrasting typefaces — a sans-serif font representing honesty and trustworthiness & an italic-serif font reflecting a signature and also aligning with the dynamic and adaptable nature of Aventis Advisors.

The Aventis Advisors website was created by embedding the visual communication and the brand graphics in a coherent and engaging experience that speaks directly to their target audience. We developed a simple and easy-to-understand website that clearly explains the focus of the company's services while building trust by presenting their deal accomplishments in well-constructed case studies.

Link to live website: https://aventis-advisors.com/

Services Provided:

  • Branding Strategy

  • Logo Design

  • Visual Identity

  • Branding Guidelines

  • Web Design & Development

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