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Pabbler onboarding infography details with custom icons

Pabbler onboarding infographic details with custom icons

Whats is Pabbler

Pabbler is a new generation transportation platform that provides travelers to earn money by renting empty spaces in their luggage. It also enables travelers to contribute to reducing carbon emissions..

How does the system work?

Products are delivered to your location on e-commerce sites in accordance with customs regulations. All you have to do is to put the products in your luggage or cabin baggage and deliver them to the cargo at the destination! When you enter the shipping number in the system, the payment will be transferred to your account. You can create a new enrollment for your next trip. If you do not have a trip, you can write your e-mail to learn about the opportunities..


Secure items:

We only accept items from e-commerce sites, thus you will always receive legally approved products.

Secure Payment:

We are a partner of Wirecard and all the payments are done automatically as soon as the transactions are over.

Approved customs regulations:

We require compliance with international flight and airport security regulations as well as with international import/export and customs law before you receive the items.

Onboarding Screens

The Pabbler onboarding screens consist of 5 steps and aim to make it easy for users to discover the application using interactive animation and iconography design technique

Sign Up & Sign In Screens

In order to use the Pabbler application, it is mandatory to register or log in.

If you are a registered user, you can follow the steps of forgot my password and start using the application with the verification of the forgot my password email link. You can see the design details on this screen.

Prototype Screens Preview

You can see the diagram of connecting the prototype flow detail to the design screens prepared for collecting user conversations and feedback.

Discover Flights and Calculate Your Earning Screens

Vacationers who want to make money on Pabbler can search for ready-made flights and possible earnings on the discover page, and after pressing the screen and flight detail, they can select the products they want to carry and select trip locations. You can see the design details on this screen.

The trip detail is the design details of the steps in the flow after being selected. when you follow the 4-step flow, you can choose what you can carry and how much you can earn, what date ranges you have between flights, and country details.

Profile, Package and Confirm Package QR Screens

You can view the trips you have made in the profile, the holidays you have completed, the amount you have earned and the users you are referring to, the package details and earnings you have moved, the ability to deliver packages by QR and settings (edit, add and view personal information, view, add and edit your contact and address information, add and edit, invoice detail pages, etc.).

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