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Hi everyone! We're super excited to show our new case and please note that this is the very beginning of the project!

Please meet Frozeverse - the sandbox game based on Metaverse and VR, with the assets included as NFTs! Now we're working on the website for it.

Check the most incredible 3D and motion design we've done pretty fast but qualitatively - be honest, we are proud of it.

Here you can see a block that guides users to the marketplace where will be all the assets (like armor, weapon and etc.) available in this game.

Soon we gonna share many more cool assets with you!

It was pretty engaging to work on this style and game elements, we tried to create something epic but still minimalistic, unlike other websites in this industry.

Cause even here, be cool - it doesn't mean that you should be kinda "heavy" in terms of visuals.

The product is based on NFTs so it also has its own coin. And the price of this coin course will grow in the market while the game itself is growing.

We developed the game-internal design of the FrozeCoin to keep it the same style as all game design.

Our team is in love with this project and we can't wait to show you much more about it!

Don't miss it and remember - we're waiting for your feedback!


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