Logo Selection 2022 (Peter Voth Design)

A selection from logos I did in the first half of this year. I love the versatility of clients I'm able to work with, from a chef, to a grooming parlour, to an author and a church.

Even though we are all different in profession we all have something in common: the love for beauty, truth and excellence. These are values that survive every trend and ultimately remain when we have all gone.

Also I've noticed I used in three of these logos Schmaltzy by Herzberg Design. Really love that font. Thanks for your beautiful work and congrats for winning the 2022 Ascenders competition by the Type Directors Club. Also visible here: Cigarro by Dan Gretta and Tiller by Brian Brubaker.

Check out the full case studies for each shown project here:

Bella Rosa

Nobles & Misfits

Dustin W. Benge

Franconia Baptist Church

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