Cisco Network Simulator Redesign

Hi Everyone !

Continue to redesign from the previous shoot, this time there are several additional features with an attractive appearance

New Design for Physical Mode

using a simpler and clearer hierarchy will make it easier for users to classify the items in a layout. simple and clean.

New CLI code Hierarcy

Different from the text hierarchy used in the previous cli, this time I use color emphasis on the certain text that displays a special action. This will make it easier for the user and minimize the error rate in typing commands

New Device option Mode

Different from the previous design, this time I simplified the appearance of the device options. use the outline icon to make it look more minimalist with tab configurations to facilitate the process of selecting the device you want to use

Live Chat

With the addition of the live chat feature, it will certainly make the teaching and learning process easier. communication will feel faster and the time used will be more efficient

Let me know what you think and don't forget to press ( L ) if you like it.

Hope you like it 😄

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