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A few months ago I bought the @Meng To ebook "Design+Code: Learn iOS design and Xcode" to learn Sketch and see if it was a tool so innovative as some designers said, in addition to giving a first look at Xcode. They were right.

Sketch is an incredible tool, has extremely useful features as the artboards, gradient management or multiple fills on a single layer, not to mention the export of the assets.

Few days (or months) ago @Wil Nichols has released his new beautiful portfolio with his awesome works and I saw the illustration of a Lamy pen, then I decided to remade it in Sketch to do some practice. Precisely is the Lamy Pico.

I hope the .sketch file aid other designers like me to understand a little better Sketch and help you also to make an informed choice and understand that Sketch is a program for the UI design much more appropriate than Photoshop.

Special thanks to @Giancarlo.

*don't forget to check the attachment*

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