Cisco Network Simulator Redesign

Hi Everyone !

Yeay, Finally back to explore. learning from the oldest platform is very fun. And now I'm trying to "learn" to develop the potential of one of the applications that I used to learn, namely Cisco Packet Tracer. one of the desktop applications that is useful for students in getting to know the world of networking.

I'm trying to redesign these apps into dark mode to avoid the eye fatigue problem that often occurs in light mode apps.and then, i tried to change the application design which was originally a desktop app to a web base platform app

Simulation test Redesign

this is the new display when the simulation process is run. I try to emphasize the display when the data transmission process is in progress with a more futuristic and elegant look. the presence of a running light makes it easier for the user to understand the process that is going on in the simulation that is being run.

With comment feature, it is useful to help communication between students and teachers in the teaching and learning process

With Task Navigator Feature

and also, to make it easier for students to do assignments, I tried to add a task navigator feature as a bridge between teachers and students in doing assignments. students can work without fear of losing their way. while the teacher can make it easier for the students to do the task activities.

Let me know what you think and don't forget to press ( L ) if you like it.

Hope you like it 😄

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