CBD Branding Design

About Contrast CBD:

We sell and produce all-natural CBD oil and derivative products that provide a healthier alternative to weed, alcohol, painkillers and other similar products.  

Our goals are to establish the brand in Bulgaria and be recognised by the bulgarian customers,

expand the product portfolio and expand to the European market.

Long term - Grow and create our own CBD and hemp products.

Project Problem:

Our problem was setting ourselves apart from the competitors. We want to shout “Healthier alternative”, “Coolness”, to show that we are dependable. We want the logo to be easy to remember, used on its own and build trust in the brand. 

A lot of the market is flooded with low quality oils and some brands even sell fake oils. We want to differ by providing a full transparency of the quality and customer oriented. Tracking of every batch from production to customer.

Emir Kudic
I make sure my clients stand out from their competition. 🔥

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