Keep calm and make music. 

Zajno is here to make your life more musical.

Music has always been a tool for people to express their emotions. But it's not an easy thing to create music. How to do It? Where to start? The answer is simple: a website with, about and for music.

The goal of this website and its devices is to be minimalistic and easy to use for everyone. Regardless of your musical skills, you can create beats, experiment and develop them. Maybe you will become the next Paul McCartney or Justin Bieber, who knows? Once you become comfortable with sharing your masterpieces, you can use our website to start promoting your music. Or even use it for musical shops promotion. Multitasking is what we are here for.

In this case, I wanted to move away from the concept of an ordinary shot with page animation. Instead,  I decided to focus more on branding. Here we used excerpts from the animation of the site, animation of the logo and a selection of photos. The idea is to convey the project vibe and the atmosphere in which it was born. Also, the new thing is the transitions with a complete inversion of color and transitions through the video. We don't follow the style, we create it.

This dribble shot is meant to be a mini show-real but at the same time look as realistic as possible. I used the After Effect to create the video. For the background music, shout out to our CEO Sasha. He used Elektron Analog Rytm and put it all together in Ableton. The perfect recipe for the perfect shot.

What can I say? Our website is music to your ears :)

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Posted on Jul 21, 2022

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