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Hello everyone! 💙

Today we wanted to bring some extra colors and more positive emotions than ever! And who can help us to do that? As you can guess - our pets! 🐶

We’ve been partners with Dogiz for years and we are really proud to be the ones who helped build a platform that would help to better manage your dog’s lives.

Of course, we’ve started with the logo first.

Since our logo is about dogs - we’ve decided to bring the playful mood to its max. Did you notice how cute the tail of the dog is? 💕

If you think that you will see only a bright color scheme in this case study - you’re wrong. We’ve prepared a wide variety of colors that can suit any occasion of the Dogiz member. For example - very much businessy business cards

The logo design fits any of the PAWpurses 🐾

As you can guess, the Dogiz brand book is a satisfaction to go through, and we are happy to share it with you. Do you have a dog? Do you think we managed the life-with-dog atmosphere?

Share your thoughts, and stay tuned!

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