"Mark By Cross" Fashion Identity

Marb by cross logo

An initial idea exploration for a 'wanna be' designer called Mark Cross. The name given to the line of clothing/accessories is based on both surname and christian names. In itself not new but I'm hoping that the idea of forming a cross/X from the middle of the M will help with brand recognition for him.

A sort of monogram I guess.

The M/X creates quite a strong and unique mark on itself and doesn't need the wording to convey the full brand name.

There are also some cute little ideas with marketing that can be done with the X/cross in terms of labeling and retail branding. Not to mention the obvious "mark this item with a cross" as a means to highlight something to a shopper.

The mark is clean and simple so can easily be applied in any number of ways to materials including: screenprint, embroidered, embossed, punched and stamped etc.

Typography uses Helvetica Neue Heavy and Regular.

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