Volcom Website Concept

Volcom Website Concept

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First shot of 2015!

Things are off to an awesome start here at GC with a few very exciting projects to kick the year of with. Unfortunately for me though, I’ve been working on a confidential project so can’t share any of that with you guys yet :(

I have however found a bit of time to bust out this ‘just for kicks’ concept. To work with a brand like Volcom is pretty much a dream project for me so I thought why not have go.

The idea of the clipping mask on the ‘Dusty Payne’ text is to move the background image across the text when you scroll - I made a quick Codepen to play around with this (webkit only). Definitely think there are some cool effects to be created with text clipping masks!

Full size attached, don’t forget to press ‘L’ ;)

Crafted at Green Chameleon.


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