The eight-voice ES P (ES Poly) emulates classic polyphonic synthesizers of the 1980s.

It is a versatile instrument that is capable of producing a huge variety of useful musical sounds. The creation of classic analog synthesizer brass sounds is just one of its many strengths.

Redesign Brief

Based on the old nature of synthesizers, the ES P synth was very old-looking and outdated.

The goal was to find the sweet nostalgic spots in these VSTs, add new functionalities, and consider new UX principles in the design.

Motion History

Most of the components of the ESP Synth, remember your last move so you can rewind it. 

New Keys with Motion-History

With the new full keys function, you can see and recognize what keys you are playing on your midi keyboard, and the history of the last eight keys you played is also visible.

New Equalizer

With the newly added equalizer, you can fine-tune your sound without the limitations of nobs and numbers.

Touch-Friendly design system

ES P Synthesizer will run on macOS and iPad OS soon, so it needs to be touch-friendly to work universally.

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