Lyft Bike Mode

I was one of the people who successfully advocated for running a bikeshare system on the Lyft platform and the Motivate acquisition after Uber's JUMP acquisition. After the acquisition I focused I focused a lot of time and energy on optimizing Lyft's sign up systems to make it as easy as possible to walk up to a Lyft bicycle dock and frictionlessly get on the bike in front of you! - On a side note I had a lot of impact on the design of these 2nd gen bikes including: Lyft branding on the bikes for aquisition, white/reflective paint for visibility, reflective tire sidewalls, locking mechanism and grip on back of saddle for easy adjustment!

Much of the bikeshare UIX was done by a specific team within Lyft Design and im proud to share I contributed to interface components used across all Lyft modes as well as significant feedback, debugging and extensive hardware testing on the bicycle system shown here in particular 🚲⚡

Saving the world with bicycles @Sprocket

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