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Working with the global Netflix team, Alan Lee &  team from NXT Level Studio, UK will be one among the best experiences I would always cherish upon. Three Epic Illustrations was the nomenclature the client and the agency used to call it. And it turned out to be epic in the literal sense. Navigation Concept, Surreal Forest, Intergalactic Space concept. To justify the new brand guidelines and epic illustration design principles set by Netflix, I needed to rediscover my existing style, reinvent the rules I followed, give a refresh look to the illustrations in terms of treatment and props and how it stacked up against my abstract style.

In addition, bringing the magical elements into the new worlds/ scene/ or an environment we are creating, capturing perspective, creating dimensions, applying colors from the new brand palette applied to the illustrations in the visual while establishing a human presence / implied human presence were all challenges that I enjoyed.

*All the illustrations are licensed to Netflix. 

Client: Netflix

Agency: NXT Level Studio, UK

Agency Team:  Alan Lee, Vladimir Grcic 

Business & Creative Partner: Anand Peter

Illustration: Febin Raj


Surreal Forest

To capture the immersive experience of the visual content reflecting jungle scenario

Full project published on Behance


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