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OfficeTime Watch

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Hi Everyone,

For the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of working on an exciting new time tracking app for the Apple Watch called OfficeTime Watch. In essence OfficeTime allows everyone to track time spent on multiple projects efficiently, and this concept of simplicity has been a major foundation to the design process.

In these mockups you can see one of the early explorations we’ve made, which shows core screens and interactions, although some of these have already seen additional variations and even superior solutions were later found.

Designing an entire UI for a device that we haven’t even put our hands at, can become a difficult task as we have to deal with a lot of suppositions, even though Apple has already released some guidelines (together with a lot of constraints, such as the impossibility to swipe an entry for example). It has been definitely a very interesting challenge.

I’d like to provide more informations but for now I’ll leave you with this preview. Hopefully it’s enough to bring some enthusiasm.

Please make sure you check out @2x preview and the attachment.


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