Mobile House Website Concept

It's no secret that Ukrainians either leave their homes behind or have them cruelly destroyed by the terroristic country. However, in every situation, even the dullest one, there is always a ray of hope. Today it's VSIMDIM, a Ukrainian startup that makes mobile houses for people who lost their homes due to the war in Ukraine. 

Inspired by such a charitable initiative, I wanted to make a design concept for their project on behalf of Zajno. Given that VSIMDIM has everything apart from one essential component – a website – I decided to come up with its development.

Considering that this project is related to architecture and the design of compact thought-out spaces for living, I tried my best to make it minimalistic and airy, as depicted in the visuals. The logic behind it is pretty simple: the houses resemble rectangular cubes; therefore, the visuals mirror them accordingly.

To create the shot, I used Figma. All the material used here is taken from the presentations for VSIMDIM project on their Instagram.

Do you find the design as light as it is supposed to be? Please share your ideas in the comments ;)

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