Ectopanel - Solar panels control Mobile App

Ectopanel - is a platform that allows a person to track and manage the amount of electricity collected from solar panels which were purchased and previously installed in a house or on a plot.

The user can see the analytics and control the panel (e.g, change the power, tilt radius, etc.)

The main advantage of the product is the ability to sell the accumulated electricity to the city network.

After the sale, electricity is distributed between the provision of city services and personal housing in the city.

The technology of selling electricity is in its infancy, so many people are not aware of this possibility.

Therefore, our decision was to make a short and beautiful presentation of the functionality, which the user can get acquainted with and then sell electricity.

One of the main tasks of the project was to display the collection of analytics on the solar panel and the ability to manage it.

Our solution was to show the data using widgets that briefly and clearly display the main indicators, such as generated electricity, battery level, wifi speed, power, etc.

We were happy to take part in the development of this project, as this is another step towards the development of technology and the conservation of natural resources. Electric panels help provide electricity to millions of people, now it's even easier with a user-friendly interface.


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