Tokengated Commerce X Doodles Video

Introducing Tokengated Commerce by Shopify

Tokengated Commerce is Shopify's new product line that allows merchants to connect with fans and drive sales by giving token holders exclusive access to merch, experiences, and more.

As a part of the launch, the Money Studio team worked on a dynamic and playful video to showcase how tokengated commerce can open a whole new world of experiences for customers. We partnered with amazing folks at Doodles to showcase this new world of experiences.

This video is leveraged on the the tokengated commerce landing page, along with Shopify's first Summer Edition's release and all over social media.

What started off as a wild idea and some simple sketches, turned into a full scale multimedia production with a short 6 week timeline. None of that would have been possible without incredible internal teamwork, a trusting partnership and relationship with Doodles and our external vendors Futuristic Films and Make Visual.

For this video we chose to cast professional skater, Monica Torrs, who skates for Volcom, a Shopify merchant. This was a natural opportunity to showcase another amazing merchant while bringing this product story to life.

Behind the scenes

Here's a peak behind the curtain at the two day shoot that took place in Denver, CO back in May.



Creative Director - Daina Lightfoot

Content Lead - Mel Maehara

Marketing Lead - Avneet Sandhu

Product Design - Lucas Marcotte Richardson

Production - Kelsey Petrie, Francesca Garcea, Adam Avrashi


Doodles - DrBun, Burnt Toast, Alfie

Futuristic Films - Jasper, Brittany, Lilah, Matt, Dylan, Will and so many others!

Make Visual - Oren + team

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