xChangePlus is a SaaS-platform for project management in the real estate industry. The service simplifies communication, document turnover and project planning.

In under 3 months we created a new brand identity, marketing website and interface design. We fully updated the service's look and helped the client to enter a new round of investments.

Dashboard of xChangePlus was inspired by trade terminals that allow to see problematic deals based on several criteria. For smaller companies we developed an alternative dashboard with deals displayed as cards.

Deal detalization: full information about the project, team tasks, documents, mini-chat and notes. Document turnover and communication between the team members is held in one interface, including communication with clients and realtors.

In the task tracker user sees deadlines for payments and documents, dates of inspections and meetings with clients. We have made several types of display: by day, week, month and as a list.

Along with new brand identity and interface design we updated marketing website. With the narrative that showcases how the service helps all players of the real estate business.

So, in just 3 months we’ve created a new brand identity, marketing website and designed more than 200 interface mockups. We fully overhauled the service’s look and helped the client secure new investments.

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