Healher - personalized healthcare plan Mobile app

Meet Healher - an app that provides personalized health plans for people who work at home. Particularly for those who spend many hours a day in front of a computer.

The goal of the service is to make sure that the health of this category of users is reduced.

Thanks to the company's smart branded wristband, the app knows everything about users. It recommends a visit to a particular doctor, the types of activities that should be included in the list of daily activities, as well as those best avoided.

The user can select either the entire plan or individual recommendations that suit him personally, thereby adapting the plan to himself. The current plan is presented as a to-do list, pinned on the home page. So user can see his everyday progress.

The smart bracelet collects all available metrics, from sleep quality, stress levels, to blood oxygen levels and EKG.


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