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Today I am coming back to you with another part of the presentation, which will be part of the entire project case study that I did for TIGERS!


I strongly encourage you to check the previous shot, where I presented the first stages of this project. 💥


Today I am coming back to you with a presentation of internal subpages, this time relating to the "Services" and "News" sections on the new website.


Due to the sales character of the new steep website, the "Services" subpage is some of the key elements of the whole. We spent a lot of time on it analyzing the structure, content and UX of this part of the project.

Services - Details

Maintaining full visual consistency, we presented what is most important to the user, focusing on the story that we tell on the website.

On this basis, consistent screens with details of a given service were created, which present the most important information in a simple and transparent way.


A very important part of the website is the knowledge base that is built by the Tigers team community and which they pass on to their recipients.

That is why it was also so important to prepare the News section well, in which numerous dynamic news related to the activities of Tigers are presented.

News - Details

The details of the selected news were a big challenge for us due to the extensive content of the publication. Taking into account all constants and variables, we have developed a flexible template that works well for both short and extensive publications.

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