What Is DISA Return To Duty? How Is It Beneficial?

Don't be scared or confused about the term ''DISA Return To Duty''. This is a test you give after violating a company's alcohol and drug policy. If a violation of the same has happened in a position marked as ''safety-sensitive'' (transportation, construction, or even oil and gas), you as the employee in question would be removed at once from your job. And if the abuse has happened in a non-safety-sensitive position, the actions would vary by the company's management, as deemed fit.

Companies that strictly follow the DOT or Department of Transportation policies and regulations would perform such tests (return to duty) after you have committed substance abuse more than once. If your test results come positive for substance abuse, or you have violated a specified drug rule or alcohol rule, you would have to undergo the return to duty test.

What is DISA?

In simple terms, DISA is a very large TPA in the industry, with a huge customer base. They perform millions of substance abuse tests and do background screening as well. DISA is the one to have begun the first and the largest contractor consortium in the industry.

DISA has more than six thousand collections and service center sites in its networks. And they have tens of thousands of DOT SAP Evaluation centers for collection and annual occupational medicine events. Every year, DISA processes millions of files, including the drivers' qualification files, their permits, their renewals, the fuel tax filings, and more. If you want to experience speed and stability, DISA does it all. This is why even Fortune 500 companies are their customers, and DISA exceeds all expectations.

Experienced SME's at DISA

DISA has SMEs that provide unmatched knowledge, give good guidance, and are very professional. With immense experience, they are unique to the industry and highly respected in their domains too. They educate you on substance abuse and tell you about the industry protocols as well. 

DISA helps encourage employees to further their professional goals, making them one of the most trusted and reputable TPAs around. They recognize their peers very well in their respective fields. And their employees are very well-experienced under the banner. Thus DISA is very beneficial for you if you are looking for a green light to restart your career, but because of your history of substance abuse, you don't know where to go. DISA will help. 

For those who need help with DOT SAP evaluations and a return to work or duty certification, you don't have to run from pillar to post anymore. DIISA can help you get the same. Search for DOT SAP Evaluation Near Me centers, and you will find us always ready to help. Do get in touch with us!

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Posted on Jul 6, 2022