Renew — A webapp to help renters

Hi Dribbblers! 🤗

Happy to share with you the MVP we crafted for Renew.

The Renew team got in touch with us in the early days of their project. They wanted to make house renting more meaningful and valuable for everyone, but they lacked a design and development team to put it together.

In real estate, design and development have tremendous power to improve the user experience during the tough time of finding a new home. At Z1, we had already worked for clients in this sector, so we put our expertise at the service of Renew's founders. 

We opted for an intuitive design without a login so that any user could go straight to the point, knowing where everything is at a glance. At the same time, we tried to make it very clean so that their potential clients' logos could fit smoothly.

An all-female frontend and design team worked side by side during the whole project, solving everything and validating our decisions. In close collaboration, we overcame every obstacle, including the difficulty of designing without yet having the content, and helped them run an MVP that matched their many changes and tight deadlines.

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