Marketing Site Interaction

I worked on this quick little interaction over the holidays, I was thinking about how most marketing sites for mobile apps are often static one page sites with a screenshot of the application or something similar to that idea. Which is certainly not a bad way of doing it, but I wanted to create a different way of viewing this content on a static one page site.

In stating this, the possible benefits to this approach is that the download button or any other type of CTA will always remain visible on the left hand side of the page. Also as you can see, the amount of content that can be accessed through the 3 different sections on the site ranging from introduction videos, features, and some type of community or social interaction opportunity.

I'm currently working on the mobile version of this as it will also be responsive and seems very simple to implement. I'm still learning how to navigate AE, so bare with me here! But I thought I would share this fun little project with all of you. I look forward to 2015 and what the future holds, good luck to everyone this year!

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