Electric vehicle monitoring dashboard full version

Hi there 👋

Today we want to share our latest exploration for electric vehicle monitoring dashboard and this time it's the full version ✨ where we have the wireframe and style guide (Typography, colors and software used) for this dashboard.

This dashboard can be used to monitor your electric vehicle like how much battery is left, how many kilometers you already travel and lots of simple things like connecting your phone to your vehicle so you can listen to your favorite songs on the road.

You can see the wireframe and the style guide for this dashboard below 👇

Another Preview ✨

Wireframe ✏️

Below is the wireframe that i used for the dashboard before jumping to the hi-fi design

Style Guide 🎨

And last but not least, below it's the style guide which include typography, colors and software that i used for the dashboard

Thank you, hope you guys enjoyed it and have a good day!

Press "L" if you like it, and let me know what do guys think in the comment section 🤔

Thank you, hope you guys enjoyed it and have a good day!

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