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Hello dribbblers!


Here’s one of several Jamstack websites we recently designed and built for a luxury real estate brand in Saint Tropez, France.


We were tasked with building a single site per property with the goal of providing their clients with a more focused, exclusive and luxury feel on a per property basis.


We found the idea quite interesting because it meant each site would reflect the identity of the property, as opposed to the more traditional real estate website that needs to accommodate many different styles of properties. This meant we could be a bit more creative!


The above is an example of one of these websites that we both designed and built. We carefully studied the agency’s audience, identifying the type of websites they frequented, magazines they read, and several other lifestyle factors that would help decide the design direction and technology to use. Given the market, the type of clientele, and budgets we knew we needed something elegant.  However, it also needed to be fast, since most of the agency’s clientele visited their site using a mobile; it needed to be simple, because of the age group (50-75), and finally, it needed to be exclusive. 


We decided to go with a magazine inspired look that employs large masthead images, a serif and cursive font, and a narrow width for copy.  We built the site with Vue.js, Nuxt.js and TailwindCSS.


How did we help?

— We took their initial ideas and revamped both the design and user experience.

— We moved away from their current server driven architecture to full-on static.


Designed in:

 — Figma

Built with:

— Vue.js

— Nuxt.js

— Tailwind CSS


Deployed on:

— Netlify


Services provided:

— UX research

— Web design

— Web development.


Have a project you’d like to discuss? Shoot us an email at: info@unlimit.design


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