Topl – Loyalty app for coffee lovers

The challenge

Coffee culture is booming but as our addiction to caffeine increases so does the amount of waste we produce. People love coffee so much that use 16 billion disposable coffee cups each year, and number's growing! So we thought what if we propose people to use a reusable coffee cup with a unique design to enjoy their coffee, and at the same time give them rewards for helping the environment every time they do so.

The solution

With Topl people can create and buy their personal coffee cup, customise its design to make it unique. Get rewarded for using the reusable coffee cup and being environmentally friendly. Mobile app allows to collect loyalty points, view loyalty balance and exchange points for free treats at the favourite coffee shops.

Browse and pick favourite coffee items from the menu. Place order and pick it up from a nearby store without waiting in line.

Press "L" if you like it! 😎

Mobile apps that f*cking good.

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