Continente Plug&Charge

An electric vehicle charging service that allows not only the travel to and from Continente customers' stores with electric vehicles, but also the electrification of consumption by their fleets and employees' vehicles.

⚡️ Onboarding

The first screens with brief information in steps and illustrations how to start charging the vehicle.

📱 Home Screen

On the home screen you can view all the most relevant data about the use of the app and the electrical charges.

🔋 EV Charging Flow

Charging flow, when the user starts by scanning the QR Code at the station point, then selects the payment method, charging fee and the data billing.

In total there were over 100 screens in the final versions delivered.

⚠️ Error States

Some error screens that are shown in some situations in the app like payment problems, offline state and application update request.

Main screens of the app including the charging station points, transactions and the more area.

🌱 Iconography

Several icons designed for the EV charging application integrating with the client's brand logo.

Posted on Jun 30, 2022
Élvio Sousa
Hey! I'm Élvio. UI/UX Designer and Hi-tech Lover 👨🏻‍💻

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