Wellnessist - Medical devices control Web Platform

Wellnessist - an electronic assistant in the medical sphere. Thanks to the service, hospital staff can track the status of devices, their statuses, interaction with doctors, general data analytics, and many other features that help treat people.

In this service, it is necessary to collect high-quality data from devices so that doctors have a detailed report on their work.

Therefore, we displayed the main information in the dashboard, from where the doctor can get acquainted with the necessary information in detail.

It was necessary to take into account the fact that the hospital staff should have quick and understandable access to all hospital devices.

Each device displays important configurations that are necessary for correct operation with the ability to remotely turn off the device if the doctor saw the incorrect operation of the device.

Also, quite an important feature was to assign the doctor to the device that would monitor it. This makes it possible to manage devices for different doctors and cooperate with each other.

This service was a very responsible project for us, as this service helps to save and heal lives. We were happy to contribute to the development of medicine and provide a convenient and beautiful interface for doctors.


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