The Lucky Wheel

Our first utility Pre-mint is here! 


We're Building The Community, The Tools & Ecosystem Digital Creative Have Been Dreaming Of, Web3 First. More than the beautiful community of creatives & the strong branding, we are really excited about 3 brand new utilities we are cooking for you:‍

• Satellites products: We (co)create, launch & monetize Web3 tools and share the revenue with you. The Lucky Wheel is already here! From Stickers to White Lists or even Free Mint, you can win prizes and provoke your own destiny.

• Collectives: We build & grow healthy collectives of professional creatives, crypto-fueled first.

• The Fund: We (co)invest with you in creative humans, not companies. Still sharing revenue with holders when possible.


The Lucky Bones
Digital lucky charms, ready to trigger your chance.

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