The all-in-one multichannel messaging platform that connects companies & customers.

Crisp is a messaging platform for startups and S&Bs, running a chatbox/live chat service on 100k+ user websites, based on a freemium model where the paid users get access to more advanced customer support features, such as unlimited messaging history, a CRM, etc...

New interface, new features

Apart from the design overhaul, we also helped the Crisp team implement some new features such as the brand new video call interface, bottom navigation quick menu, and the magic map which didn't have on their mobile apps.


Task flows

Detailed demonstrations of some tasks that the user completes in Crisp Chat. We only focused on specific features that need attention both from a UX and UI perspective.

Special thanks to Vicente Reyes Montealegre for wonderful in-app illustrations.

Services provided

• UI&UX design for iOS and Android platforms

• Basic style guide for both iOS and Android interfaces

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Apple Store

Google Play

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