Telegram Whatsapp Share Group Lead

Telegram WhatsApp Leads provides an easy way for people to fill in contact information on Telegram and WhatsApp. In which the lead will be 100% accurate because before getting the lead in it, the mobile no. There will be verification that will prove that the leads you get are 100% accurate. Which will prove to be very helpful in increasing your business.

Telegram WhatsApp Leads is such a product where you can create short URL whether it is short URL of WhatsApp or Telegram group. If you run WhatsApp group and Telegram channel then this item will prove to be very useful for you, from this item you will get verified customers if you promote your WhatsApp group link and Telegram channel link on social media then through this item Customer will first fill the inquiry form after that will be able to join whatsapp group and telegram channel link and you can manage and track customer well from our dashboard panel as well it has many more features.


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