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Here are the couple screens for the whole new tool ⚙️ I've designed for GDPR Risk Tracker.

GDPR Risk Tracker is a web application available in the SaaS model, thanks to this app you will be able to perform risk analysis and Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) required by the GDPR. 🤔

Registration screen

Before you jump into the app you have to login or register first. This kind of application need to be protected very well, so I don't forget about the🔒2-step verification or email confirmation when you register 🔑. This seems to be obvious but I've designed that much more focused on user and group of people that app is related to.

Risk analysis screen

I spend ton of time thinking of how to achieve perfect balance between complex tool and user friendly application. It was hard 💦 to make the process simple to use but most important easy to understand. I think me and Vision Trust team created really nice and great balanced tool✌️for whole process of creating risk analysis and Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) required by the GDPR.

Help screen

Complex tool need complex help . I've also designed help screen for all of the users that could feel lost. Here you can just type whatever you want in search box or pick a topic that you're looking for. It will expand and give you a bunch of options. You won't be lost for sure. 🙋

Pricing Plan screen

Even this screen was designed differently than usual 🔥. I decided to create horizontal boxes and when you tap on plan it will expand and present you the list of features on the right.

Subscription and invoices

All of the invoices are available for user from one place. From this screen they will be able to check current plan and upgrade it if they want to. They will be notified 💬 when the plan coming to the end.

Thanks for watching!

There are many of screens I designed for this complex tool but I choose these that I think that was worth to share with you.

If you wanted to give it a try come to: https://new.gdprrisktracker.pl/login

*unfortunately now it's only available in 🇵🇱


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