PRSPR financial app (Design + Prototype + MVP)

PRSPR (prosper) is a social network built on Polygon blockchain people join to enter the financial system. People are hungry for viral, bite-sized, community-based financial literacy. On the other hand, financial creators have no ownership over the platforms they create on. PRSPR is the answer – an autonomous financial social app that allows users to access viral content and communities while shopping for financial services.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve helped dozens of clients visualize their ideasbuild clickable prototypes, and launch their world-class products.

When an early-stage startup founder reaches out to us, their primary goal is to get funding for their product idea. We help our clients go after funding with an incredibly impactful tool: an awesome clickable design prototype. It significantly increases their chances when potential investors can see the product in the palm of their hand and envision where the product is going. Incredibly, 96% of our clients successfully won funding pitches.

The next step is to create a Minimum Awesome Product. Not just an MVP. It’s important to have a great concept that is viable, feasible and desirable in the market. But let’s be honest. How appealing is just a basic MVP? What could you say about it? It exists. It works. But does it move you or invoke emotion and connection with consumers? Is it something that truly excites you and motivates you to build the product you envisioned?

We always focus on building something people fall in love with. Not just a boring piece of software. You can expect something basic and average from a tech company. Not from us.

We are PLATFORM – an award-winning digital experience agency building successful products for our clients globally. Partner with us to build your successful product. 

Posted on Jun 23, 2022
We increase profits. Others play with pixels. ✌️


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