Instagram is planning a big change for the stories and is currently testing a blatant repost function that I'm sure many of you will like... 

Instagram is testing a new feature for reposts in Stories.

Instagram is already working on a new feature that could change everything. Just recently, we got to know how to launch the new Reels Remix feature. Now the social media platform is probably working on a big change for the stories! You probably know it: You scroll through the feed, see a cool post, and want to share it with friends in your own story. So far, this has only been possible in a very blunt manner: You see the post on background and can write something about it or add a GIF. 

Instagram now wants to make reposting more attractive and has come up with a new function for this: a repost sticker should soon be found in the story options. There you can see all the posts that you have seen in your feed in the last hour and can share them directly. The cool thing is: Reposts can then also be shared in the stories on photos and videos - i.e., individually designed or even commented on! 

Instagram: When can you use the new repost function?

It is still unclear when we can expect the change on Instagram. The new repost function is currently only being activated for a few users.¬†This is actually mostly the case when Instagram tests new features; it does not automatically mean that they will be introduced safely. So it's unclear when the new feature will finally be available to everyone, but hopefully only a matter of time because we think the idea is pretty cool‚ÄĒwondering why Instagram thought about this repost change?

Apparently, it was found that the old repost option is not that popular with users. Many find it annoying to see the exact same posts in stories as they are in the feed. With the new story function, it would now be possible to bring some variety into the reposts. 

The best tips for more likes on Instagram

Step by step to Insta-Fame: If you want to get more likes on Instagram and want to be successful, you should know these tips and tricks.


  • Which pictures get more likes on Instagram?

  • What should I post on Instagram for more likes?

  • Best time to post on Insta

  • The right hashtags for many likes

  • Interaction on Instagram = more likes

  • More likes on Instagram: Story Like a Pro


Which pictures get more likes on Instagram?

If you're wondering how to get more likes on Instagram, you should also pay attention to the light on your photos. The more beautiful and natural the light is, the more like it rains. The "golden hour" is best suited for this. This is when the photographer captures the first or the last light of the day. Say an hour before and after sunrise or sunset. On the one hand, you can also get inspiration from other successful Insta-Stars and look at which photos have received the most likes. Your Instagram followers will probably like them too. But always try to do your thing and score points with new, creative ideas because you get more likes on Instagram when you surprise people than when they feel like they're always seeing the same thing.



What should I post on Instagram for more likes?

THE perfect Instagram pic that is 100% guaranteed to get millions of likes does not exist. But there are many motifs for which users leave a heart: wanderlust pictures from foreign countries, casual outfit pics, cool selfies, cute animals. Let your creativity run free, but avoid blurry and badly lit photos and videos. Build a consistent and harmonious Insta feed. How do you do it? Make sure your Instagram posts match in color and use the same or similar filters when editing whenever possible. That used to be "stricter" than it is now. Many followers also celebrate cool variety in feeds and then distribute more likes on Instagram. It is important that you recognize that the pictures belong to you and your profile.


Best time to post on Insta

It all depends on the right timing! Whether your post goes through the roof or disappears on Insta depends, among other things, on when you post a post on your mobile phone. Avoid awkward times like the middle of the night or mid-morning when your followers are busy. The majority of users look at their phones in the evening. Posts that go online between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. usually get more likes on Instagram and more comments. Try out what time works best for your followers. This is how you find your personal recipe for success for more likes on Instagram.


The right hashtags for many likes

You can add up to 30 hashtags to your Instagram post, but you should still throw the motto "a lot helps a lot" overboard. If you want to increase your visibility and reach, you should use hashtags that are thematically related to your post. If you only use hashtags that are very popular on Instagram, as notes there is a greater risk that your post will not get much attention, will be lost in the flood of posts, and will therefore not get many likes. Also, always think about what Instagram users might be searching for and then use that as hashtags for matching images.


Interaction on Instagram = more likes

Instagram is and will remain a social network that relies primarily on interaction. That means for you: exchange ideas with your followers. Ask them a question in the caption and reply to their comments. If you want to get more Insta-Likes, it's worth liking other people's posts regularly. Look for profiles that are similar to your own Instagram profile and leave comments and hearts diligently. But no gos are standard posts like "Your profile looks great, take a look at mine," "Like for like," and the like. They're just annoying, and no one cares. This way, you can draw the attention of users who don't know you and get even more likes for your Instagram pics and videos. If you not only want to get likes but also new subscribers, you should have a look here: 


More likes on Instagram: Story Like a Pro

With an Instagram story, you can show your followers more about yourself and let them participate in your everyday life. But always stay yourself and don't let Instagram determine your life in order to please others better. Bring variety to your stories and upload exciting pictures, funny videos, and boomerangs or start a live broadcast. You should also include interactive story elements such as a survey or the emoji slider. Use hashtags and the location sticker; then, your story will not only be shown to your subscribers. This way, it's guaranteed to rain more likes on Instagram!

In general, it is also advisable to share your feed posts on Instagram in your story. Even if someone has subscribed to you, it is possible that not everyone will see your new picture, especially if you have subscribed to a large number of people on Insta. So always remember to put your pics in your story. That helps a lot! 


Posted on Jun 22, 2022