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The challenge

Due to the BGH ruling, active customer consent is required for general terms and conditions and price changes. This means a fully digital active consent solution is required. The challenge was to create a product that is as customizable as possible but as also stable and convenient at the same time.

The client

This solution was created for “Sparkassen” and “Genos” (Genossenschaftsbanken), especially but not only in the German market.

The solution

In this case study, you will learn how we achieved to build a solution that allows for consent approval rates beyond 90%. With our solution, banks are able to move quickly by still being stable and adaptable in the future.

A quick overview of what we did

Product-wise: Coordination of banks’ requirements and development team to launch the solution on time and in budget.

Design-wise: Design of a user-friendly interface that is multi-client capable and provides the ability to customize specific design areas to meet the client's corporate design requirements.

Development-wise: Building a solution using React and a serverless backend on AWS.

Marketing-wise: Supporting sales activities by building a landingpage for potential clients and recording a podcast to get an in-depth view of our solution.

A wide range of use cases

The flexible online consent solution convinces with its broad-spectrum of use cases for the german speaking market. From the simple “I agree" of the general terms and conditions (consent) to the visualized model change for a wide range of products, various cases requiring consent can be implemented in a customer-centric manner.

A customizable user interface

The online consent solution is individually adapted to our client's corporate design requirements. The degree of customization is defined together with the client.


The results

Although the consent solution has only been available since the beginning of 2022, it has already been implemented for numerous financial institutions and their customers. Our satisfied customers include Volksbanken, Raiffeisenbanken and PSD Bank, which already launched the online consent solution.

Final thoughts

We are proud that our clients can use a solution that not only save costs for paper, printer cartridges, folders and mailing but also helps to transform into a more digital company. Furthermore, they can focus more on the essentials of their business and leave the bureaucratic processing to the resource-saving online consent-solution.

Do you want to learn more about zeb.zustimmung? Check out our landingpage.

A big shoutout goes to Paul, Hannes, Sarah, Joachim on applied side for all the creativity and vision-driven execution of the project. Furthermore, we want to thank Felix, Morten, Daniel and Rias for the great development support as well as Florian, Patrick and Klaus on zeb side for the effort and the constant support throughout the project.


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