We had a design roundtable @fueled to come up with some quick ideas for how the Apple Watch could be used. Here's one @prekesh and I had the same idea on.

Users can see visual representations of the pills they're supposed to take and mark them as done on a to-do list. We've worked on health apps before which require the user to open a notification, access their phone or tablet to see what they have to take, and correspond that to whatever they're carrying with them. It's a bit fiddly.

With something on your wrist, a little more instant, easy to check off your daily list, and then go into your pocket and take your meds, it'd make the experience smoother.

Purely conceptual though, I can imagine it being a hassle to make pills distinct from each other with the correct labels, while adhering to any medical legalities. Color coding might help, if the user color codes their pills in a container.

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Posted on Dec 17, 2014
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