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Support my newest idea! invention quirky design bluetooth industrial dani aláez

Hi guys!

Long time no see... Today I'm here to present you a cool project I've been working on for the last month. It was 6 months ago, when a friend introduced me to Quirky, a website where anyone can become an inventor and make money out of his inventions. So I published an idea. Guess what? It failed.

But two weeks later, my father and I where discussing about the Bluetooth Speakers problem when, suddenly, we both had an idea: What if we could build a gadget that would allow us to connect a smartphone / mp3 player / whatever that produces sound to a bunch of Bluetooth Speakers, from different brands, and let us play music seamlessly on all of them at the same time? And this sweetie came to life...

Now, we're looking for community's help to support us our idea, and the best way to do it is by checking out the idea live on Quirky, hitting the like button, and leaving some constructive feedback on the comments section. It would really make the difference.

Million thanks,

PS: This is my first big experiment as an industrial designer, so please don't be too strict :)

For a bigger resolution -and more colorful- shot, check this attachment out.

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