Greenow - renewable energy service dashboard

Greenow is a company changing the wind energy market by making wind turbines more affordable for home use. The service allows users to understand which wind turbine is best suited to their location and monitor the status of all installed wind turbines.

As part of the work on this project, the main challenge was to display information about the status of the wind turbine that is understandable to the average person.

Each installed wind turbine contains a summary of the status of all systems and the people responsible for its maintenance.

The service offers an interactive process of installing a wind turbine on the user's holding. The user selects his location using satellite maps and marks his holding by himself. Then the system analyzes the landscape, and the wind rose for this region and shows the best place to install the wind turbines.

The user can view information for each installed wind turbine, and he can see the status, power chart, accumulated power chart, and other indicators.

We always use clickable and interactive prototypes when working on such complex projects. Thanks to them, we can conduct usability testing as close to reality as possible.

We are glad we could work on such a fantastic project and help the guys from Greenow make the world a little better.


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