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StratusApp website competition

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StratusApp website competition stratus website dark competition css html

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So, I finally got around to coming up with a simple website design for StratusApp.

I thought I would open this up to everyone and try to make a fun little contest for this. The person who converts this PSD to CSS/HTML/Javascript (static only) most creatively and closest to the PSD will win $100 (maybe more depending on how cool it is) and a link at the bottom of this site.

Things that will sway me in picking a winner:
- As much CSS/HTML use as possible (screw IE)
- Simple/subtle transitions/animations
- If I can tell you had fun with it and tried something new

No hard deadline but sooner is better.

Please leave a comment here with a link to the site so everyone can enjoy it too! If you can't comment sent it to me via twitter. :D

Thanks and have fun!!

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