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Luart is the first gamified NFT platform that will bring a seamless, all-in-one experience to the Terra Ecosystem, for creators and LUNAtics alike.

Providing them benefit not only from participating in the expanding universe of Terra NFTs, but also as a user of Luart's unique marketplace.


Provide an unparalleled NFT platform that gives back and rewards the community.


To revolutionize how NFTs’ utilities are portrayed.

Luart is committed to rewarding those who mints, buys, HODL, and stakes their NFTs on Luart. Providing utility towards all NFT projects on platform.

At present, there are no platforms on Terra that are providing added utility value towards projects both pre and post mint.

The introduction of LUA Power rewards will incentivize further circulation through minting and buying NFTs in the ecosystem, providing a platform for the community to further engage and grow. LUA Power brings airdrops, exclusive events, early access to launches and more to users in the space.


Many NFT marketplaces are just providing a means to transact and not a full experience for the user. NFTs themselves have the same issue - lack of utility.

  • How do we bring more utility to NFTs?

  • Why aren't there more ways to interact with NFTs on live marketplaces?

  • How can we bring more value to users on marketplaces?


The answer to these questions is: Gamification

  • Users will be incentivized to trade, stake, and play on our platform

  • Interactive platform: virtual spaces, NFT native avatars, a scoring system around participation, chances to win NFTs and more

  • Marketplace will be a model to facilitate NFTs for blockchain gaming

There is not another NFT marketplace that incentives users through gamification yet.

In the main Luart Application, we needed to design the functions necessary for the $LUART token.

🔴 LIVE dApp: https://app.luart.io/

I will describe more case studies on Luart soon!

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