About topCamp

topCamp is a coding Bootcamp that equips you with all the skills to kickstart your career in modern web development. We focus on creating interactive and immersive Bootcamp tracks that prepare you to launch your career in the tech industry.

The challenge

For the topCamp's new identity I faced the challenge of developing a visual language that could communicate trust, growth, and collaboration, with elements that could feel precise and powerful yet uncomplicated and approachable.

The solution

I researched, strategized, and designed the new topCamp's visual identity, supported by a spanking new design language that is consistent across all platforms.

The logo features a simple symbol that brings the platform's mission to the forefront: finding hands-on training on web development. I combined metaphors like growth, camp, and the company's initial letters T and C. The wordmark spells the brand name in letters that feel structured and accessible, emphasizing both the power and simplicity of the product.

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