Butter & Crumbs - Bakery Branding Design

About Bakery: 

Butter & Crumbs is a bakery based in Montreal, Quebec, offering artisan baked goods made with the finest ingredients. Their signature ingredients are Belgian chocolate ganache and real buttercream. Every bite is filled with a mouth-watering experience reminiscent of childhood memories.

Project Goal: 

To complement its tasty baked goods, Butter & Crumbs needs a visual identity that will appeal to its generation X and Y audience. Butter & Crumbs wants to build its online presence and reach a younger demographic.

B&C needs a visual identity that will stand out on social media, on packaging and on the bakery website.

This project aims to develop a visual identity that evokes sincerity, consideration and self-expression.

We want the logo to communicates the intended message that our bakeries are rich in flavors, baked from scratch with premium ingredients.

Pain point

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