Udacity Veritas 2.0 Design System

The name of Udacity's Design System is Veritas. It was a great collaborative project between Creative Aliens and Udacity's Internal Design, Brand, and Engineering team.

Our goal was to revamp the whole system to make it a more user-centric, modern, guided experience that is easy to navigate and consume for the user. This project consisted of several explorations of components using the new Udacity brand guidelines to establish an 8pt atomic design system.


  • Mamun Srizon, Creative Aliens

  • Scott Dickie: Udacity

Core Contributors:

  • Eftakher A. Siblu, Creative Aliens

  • Towkir Ahmed Bappy, Creative Aliens

  • Allison Hughes, Udacity

  • Nazibuddoula Nayeem, Creative Aliens

  • Courtney Yingling, Udacity

  • Ahmad Firoz, Creative Aliens

  • Kolby Sisk, Udacity

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