Paul Polak Innovation Fund Logo System

Primary Logo

This fund was created to help entrepreneurs around the world test and develop ideas that provide long term and sustainable growth to their communities. The image of the donkey cart harkens back to Paul Polak's first project, in which automotive mechanics used old car parts and 55 gallon drums to build affordable donkey carts for Somali refugees.

Primary Logo - Inverse

This outline version of the artwork allows the donkey to adopt the darker color of any background while retaining all of the detail and balance of the primary mark.

Secondary Logo - Badge

A secondary mark introduces additional colors and the image of a rising sun, a visual metaphor for the promise of an improved future through entrepreneurial problem solving and collective contribution. This version of the logo is well suited for printed goods at larger sizes.

Secondary Logo - Micro

A reduced version of the donkey was created for use at smaller scales. This version of the donkey cart can be used for social media or to watermark images.

Posted on Jun 2, 2022

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