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SeeYouGo is a french travel and events agency specialized in the organisation of bachelors party weekends. The company helps people not to think about organizational troubles, but only to get pleasure and impressions.


Animation should signify the same feeling as from a bachelor party. Traveling, fun and friendship. It should be light and playful.

We started with deep research to accurately express through animation all the emotions that the client wanted to convey. We offered him 2 best options that conform the description.

The client liked right away both concepts, and we started preparing animations.

First Concept 

"Whirl of events"

The animation starts with a nice looking swirl, which symbolizes the maelstrom of events. It starts to slow down and we see that two "pins" appear in front of us, which are used in the logo. Suddenly, they change its position and form the final logo icon, revealing the logo.

Second Concept 

"Good Company"

The animation starts with revealing a playful group of people, which are transforming into colorful spots and map "pins". And finally the scene turning into the logo icon, text reveals.

The client also wanted to play with shades and try animations with other colors.

Inverted versions

What client says about us:

"Excellent. I love it. Really good job, it's exactly what I wanted. Amazing work Alex!"

Kevin Breleur, CEO & Marketing manager.

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